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What is a bait dog? Myth vs. Reality

What Is A Bait Dog ,Are bait dogs aggressive ,faq and dog fighting

A bait dog is a term associated with dog fighting. People who love to stay updated about dogs, often come across this term. But their existence is still a mystery. If you have come here with the question, “What is a bait dog”? we have got you all covered. 

To put it simply, a bait dog is the dark side of the otherwise joyful world of dogs. Bait dogs are nothing but a punching bag for fighter dogs. Let’s dive deep into the history, fate, and facts about these dogs. Common people don’t know whether bait dogs are a real thing or merely an urban myth.

Give it a read to learn some interesting facts about dog baiting. 

What Is A Bait Dog?

A bait dog is a poor victim used in dog fighting to train fighter dogs. These dogs are typically weaker and have gentle-natured bodies that are used to boost the aggression of fighting dogs. 

Bait dogs are generally rendered unable to fight for themselves during a fight. For instance, dog fighters either break their or turn their mouths duct taped closed so that they may not harm their costly fighting dogs. During fight practice, these poor animals are either placed in a pit or tied to some pole so that they can’t escape.

The ultimate fate of a bait dog is to be killed by some vicious fighter dog in an illegal dog fighting practice.

History of Bait Dogs:

Although dog fighting is strictly prohibited in most countries, bait dogs are a sad reality. Baiting history dates back to old-time treadmills and cat mills when dogs were trained to run by using some small animal.

Also, a process called “rolling” was previously used when a younger dog was trained by making it fight with an experienced one. But today’s practice of training a fighter dog by using a submissive younger dog is unethical as well as illegal. 

This cruel practice has now become a new normal in the world of dog fighting. 

Hundreds of poor dogs are slain for these highly condemned pit fights.

What Is A Bait Dog ,Are bait dogs aggressive ,faq and dog fighting

What Kind of Dogs are Bait Dogs?

They are typically small, weak, and fragile dogs. Several dog breeds can be used for baiting provided that they are more docile and less aggressive. However, trainers may also use some aggressive breeds like Pitbull or Doberman, etc. In such cases, their muzzles are taped or they are tied to some pole. 

Trainers are not very specific in choosing bait dogs. Generally, a dog with a poor “killer instinct” that is available at almost no cost is preferred. Even a stray street dog might be used for this purpose. Some people also buy such dogs at online marketplaces such as Craigslist. 

Are Bait Dogs Aggressive?

After years of abuse, bait dogs may indeed become aggressive toward other dogs and humans. Although most submissive species are chosen to be bait dogs, their canine nature may make them violent. 

However, it may vary from dog to dog. Most of the abused animals can be rehabilitated with proper care, love, and attention. 

In most cases, they become comfortable with their new human owner but can’t get along with other animals well. If you find a bait dog, then try to help it by giving it a second chance to thrive.

Bait Dogs; A Victim of Dog Abuse:

Sadly, bait dogs aren’t a myth. They are a real thing featuring dog abuse. Hundreds of dogs are reported as abused, out of which bait dogs share a large portion. Like other dogs, these poor animals also have all the right to live an independent and safe life.

Dog fighting is a crime in the modern era and has strict penalties in most regions. This heartbreaking reality shouldn’t be accepted but strictly condemned by the community. Undoubtedly, awareness is the first step toward change.

Take Home Message:

If you rehabilitate even a single victimized dog, then it’s a contribution toward animal savior. Baiting is a form of abuse and everyone should report it on the spot. 

Rehabilitation of bait dogs isn’t impossible, only a little persistence is required. 

Take a step forward by spreading awareness about “what is a bait dog?” till “how to save bait dogs“. We hope this blog will help you in this regard.


Let’s answer some common questions related to bait dogs under the following FAQ section;

How to differentiate bait dogs from other dogs?

Bait dogs are a live picture of dog abuse. Unlike fighting or other common dogs, they are: Skittish around other members of their species Bound with chains or having their mouth taped With broken teeth or tied to some pole Having broken bones, bite marks, and multiple wounds on their bodies Often spray painted in different colors

What is a bait dog pitbull used for?

Pitbulls are a common breed used as bait dogs. Trainers use them to train their fighting dogs and then kick them or leave them to die alone. According to ASPCA, Pitbulls mix-type dogs are commonly used for this purpose weighing 40-50 lbs approximately.

What is a bait dog for hunting?

Some bait dogs are also used as a catch to trap large animals during hunting. It is a blood sport in which the victim usually meets death in the end.

How are bait dogs raised and trained?

Dogs used for baiting are often raised in isolation. Dog fighters don't allow them to socialize with other dogs or people. They spend most of their lives on heavy chains. Generally, the trainers don't pay special attention to the health of bait dogs. But some fighters ensure basic veterinary care to baiting animals and quality nutrition is also provided. Sometimes, to make these dogs aggressive victims, anabolic steroids and narcotic dogs may also be given.